Ideas for Young Children

Age Appropriate Ideas to Observe 17 minute School Walkout

For Elementary and Preschool Kids
  1. For this age group, the message can be about peace and safety.
  2. Put up a big sheet of black paper on a wall with a message that says “Peace and love in these halls/We are all in this together” (or alternative/similar message) and ask students to add painted hand prints.
  3. Organize a school-wide group hug during the walkout. And use this time to talk about the importance of gun safety and the importance of young people as custodians of each other’s well-being.
  4. Pair students up and ask them to make friendship bracelets with a person that they have never met before – theme “we are all in this together/though we come from different threads, together we can make something beautiful.”
  5. Make this an opportunity to discuss gun safety with students. A free book that can be downloaded from The Pledge website is called Gorp’s Gift: Gun Safety and You. Targeted towards very young people. I know we don’t want to scare kids but it is also important to talk to them about not touching a gun and telling a grown-up if they see one. The book includes a little pledge at the end that students could be asked to repeat. Schools around the country have used this book and it has gotten good reviews.
  6. Organize a peace concert or teach all the students to sing Dona nobis pacem (“Grant us peace”)




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