Our Goals


Tell your elected officials that you want them to ACT to STOP SCHOOL SHOOTINGS NOW. Following are some of the common-sense laws or changes to laws that we advocate:

Reinstate, update and strengthen the prior Federal assault* weapons ban (AWB 1994-2004). Ban should prohibit the manufacture or sale (retail, wholesale, or through private transactions) of new or previously owned assault weapons and accessories.

Implement a national program to fairly compensate owners of assault weapons and accessories who voluntarily turn them in for destruction.

Ban high capacity magazines for assault weapons.

Improve and expand background checks:

  • Require background checks on anyone purchasing any type of gun from any type of gun seller.
  • Require all states to provide accurate and updated information to the federal agency managing background checks and databases.
  • Implement a national minimum waiting period for gun purchase when information in background checks need to be verified and put burden of proof on gun purchaser. Length of waiting period should be adequate to allow authorities to verify or disallow purchase. If background check isn’t completed or uncovers issues, the transaction will not be completed until issues are addressed and check can be completed.


Pass Federal Gun Violence Restraining Order Law which allows members of families, households, and law enforcement agencies to petition a court to remove a person’s access to guns if he or she poses an imminent danger to self or others.

Fund government research or allow government entities such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to commit funds to research gun violence as a public health issue.

Eliminate the selling weapons seized during criminal or suspected criminal activity, a common practice by law enforcement agencies of .

Require gun owners to be licensed. One option is to implement a tiered licensing program that requires prospective and current owners to participate in training, demonstrate proficiency and maintain a history free from infractions to become licensed and before advancing to next tier. For example, Tier 1 could be open to anyone age 18 or older and would be limited to revolvers and bolt-, lever- or slide-action rifles or shotguns. Tier 2 could be open to anyone age 21 or older who has achieved Tier 1 and meets the requirements for Tier 2 (tests for proficiency and knowledge of laws, etc.). Those meeting the requirements for Tier 2 would be allowed to owner semi-automatic handguns. And so on.

Require every gun to be registered, similar to car registration. Licenses would include the name and qualifications of the gun owner, and would be subject to renewal at regular intervals.

Require gun owners to carry insurance policies covering every weapon they own, similar to automobile insurance requirements. Policies would have various coverage levels and requirements for safe storage.

Require all guns to be stored in gun safes. Set forth and require gun owners to meet minimum storage safety requirements in order to obtain required insurance. Failure to store guns safely would result in harsh after-the-fact criminal and/or civil liability. For example, if your gun was used in a crime committed by someone else, you must prove it was properly stored in a gun safe that somebody tampered with.

*We define an assault weapon as having the following attributes:

  • Semi-automatic firearm capable of accepting a detachable magazine
  • Folding or telescoping (collapsible) stock,which reduces the overall length of the firearm
  • A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon
  • Bayonet lug, which allows the mounting of a bayonet
  • Threaded barrel, which can accept devices such as a flash suppressor, suppressor, compensator or muzzle brake
  • Grenade launcher
  • Barrel shroud, which prevents burning of shooter’s arm or hand as a safety device.
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